Trustee services and payroll services


We act as trustees for natural and legal persons. We are characterized by analytical and networked thinking and support you with complex tasks. We pursue a holistic approach and have interdisciplinary knowledge. In this way, we generate great added value for our customers. We use our knowledge and our skills to improve the economic success of our customers and thus for society. As a trustee, we make a significant contribution to building trust between customers, authorities and third parties. Professional annual financial statements such as legally compliant payroll accounting and correct payslips are essential for running a successful company. As the owner and entrepreneur of an SME, you know your environment very well. As a trustee, we advise a large number of customers in your segment and can supplement and expand the existing information with high-quality and valuable knowledge from the relevant industry. We know the critical success factors and help you to place your company successfully in the market or to improve your market position.


Structure and organization of accounting: We support you in selecting the most suitable applications and show you how you can work efficiently with them. Accounting can be managed locally, decentrally or in a mixed form.

Accounting (financial, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, asset and operational accounting).

Accounting advice and advice on the implementation of accounting regulations.

Payroll administration, payroll accounting including wage statements and payslips: We advise you on the selection of the most suitable and efficient solution. There are numerous softwares available on the market; some as cloud solutions and others as traditional, locally installed programs. It does not always make sense, e.g.

Reports and communication to social security: Mistakes in this area usually cost companies dearly. We have direct access to social security and ensure that legal requirements are fully met.

Declaration of withholding taxes: It is not always clear for whom, when and at what rate withholding taxes have to be paid. We support and advise you.

VAT returns, sales and input tax reconciliation: The annual VAT reconciliations are a legal requirement and are often forgotten or not prepared correctly. We ensure that our customers meet all VAT requirements.

Accounts, declarations and reconciliations of social security

Structure of group accounting and consolidation: Does the creation of a holding structure make sense or not? Can this save costs or not? We will advise you on this.

Development of reporting concepts.

Preparation of interim and annual financial statements: Our customers decide whether they need interim, quarterly or monthly financial statements or not. Depending on the situation, a timely evaluation of the business figures is crucial.

Budgeting, liquidity and financial planning: These instruments are not only important instruments for sustainable success in the company founding phase.

Construction and introduction of controlling systems: We support you in the construction and implementation of a suitable controlling cockpit. This includes, for example, a calculation of the relevant financial figures and your company value.

Investment planning and calculation: The question of whether and when an investment should be made is often associated with significant consequences. We will advise you and help you to make the appropriate calculations.

Deputies and temporary help in finance.


Tax advice and tax planning for natural and legal persons: Sustainable tax planning and optimization tailored to your company often saves a lot of money.

Preparation of tax returns for natural and legal persons: These are standardized services that we offer at very fair prices.

Analysis and advice on tax optimization.

Providing clarifications in more complex cases for all types of taxes.

Advice on corporate tax law (mergers, business divisions, business acquisitions/sales, holding structures, succession planning, etc.).

Tax planning and retirement planning (business and private, together with our external specialists).


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